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    Default Best Verses/Lyrics in Music

    ----Black Thought-- Strategis, I bet y'all *****z can't believe this
    I read you like a whole avenue that's filled with meters
    parked, fuck your back talk, I watch how *****z cat-walk
    over my pit of venom and send em to the asphault
    For inquisitives, who wanna try to test me
    What protects me, will make you shake like epilipsy
    Plague your neighborhood with lyrical le-prosy
    Stimulate more than Ecstasy y'all *****z check my recipe
    Dig it, I must observe it, analyze when I'm chillin
    Peep out who's the villain then make your whole pavillion
    of a Sicilian, excuse the greed don't want a mill'
    I want a zillion - stacks of Franklins to the ceiling
    I counts stacks imported, fuck the yacht and the mansion
    I want Pluto and Jupiter, political, universal expansion
    Buy out Tommy and Halle Hanson
    Kidnap America, ? you hold it for ransom
    Pass it down to my grandson, I got no time to be romancin
    Only time's for mental food and advancement
    This game of Life is strictly chancein - get to know
    the nature before I get know the ***** while I'm glancing
    Enhancing, is my mental - I play in the midst
    a squad a team most crews is not in the halfs of rentals
    My utensils, display a whole variety
    Even when in the cut *****z can't cut they anxiety
    Peep, I fill your brain with suspicion, pay attention
    like you paid tuition, and stop all your bull-ishin
    The rap chemist in the lab to the finish
    The mic is my apprentice, cause I can't stand
    courts or tennis, my pigmentation is the menace
    That's why the system's always tryin to pursue with a blemish
    Pale asses, think a ***** in this
    My flow's tremendous, for the meal you can't replenish
    The question you ask me, situation get worse
    Fam I won't befriend ya, cause I'm no great pretender

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    --Mike Boogie--
    I should never rhyme cause every time I step into a contest
    Kids evacuate the premises like it's a bomb threat
    Cause they know when I start droppin poems
    That I be knockin domes, poppin bones and sendin *****s hoppin home
    Word to God, it's kinda hard for a fag to touch this
    So if you're comin to see me, *****, bring a cask' and crutches
    And *****s, I dont' need a gun for you, none of you
    Cause I can kill you dead with the lead from my No. 2
    And it's death in every paragraph
    And *****s learn when I burn they muthafuckin ass to ash
    No need to question am I nice, cause it's a fact, friend
    I shoot the gift like Santa Clause with a Mac-10
    And *****s ain't half as nice, so they get sacrificed
    And sent to the afterlife, they ain't no match for Mike
    Now I'm bout to skate in a rush, just finished makin it tough
    Peace to Big L, aiyo, 8 is enough

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    Aiyo, when it comes to bread, *****z make loafs
    You run around with fake toast
    Money or your life, ***** I'll take both
    I hate the heavens and you shady reverends
    *****z like +90210+, I'm like Killa Cam, +187+

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    I represent the murderers and felony offenders
    who either bought time out, to get these legal tenders
    (Surrender&#33 Nah, I'm goin out with a bang *****
    FUCK PATAKI, I gotta do my thang *****
    Forty-four mag, bustin into action
    Brains left in particles, fragments and fractions
    Grimm, the money stacker, heat packer
    I'm lurkin, I'm waitin, attackin like a linebacker
    Fuck what you heard, crime pays
    and always, unorthodox, I hold my pistol sideways
    We kill crews, hearts go numb
    and if retaliation comes then yo fuck it, it just comes
    (Yo who you?) I'm Dr. Death motherfucker ever heard of me?
    Close your eyes, cross your fingers, time for surgery
    I'm already dead, so nah, you can't murder me
    cause quantities of entities enter me evilly

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    [Kool G. Rap]
    Here I come to get some motherfuckin wreck but first I gotta
    umm vest check, uncheck, clip one check, clip two check, I'm set
    So let a motherfucker move a muscle
    When I tussle they'll be piecin *****z back like fuckin puzzles
    Cause Kool G. Rap is known for bringin mad noise, a bad boy
    When I was younger always carried guns, I never had toys
    Grimm, gimme the infrared they see me and I'm puttin red dots
    on *****z foreheads to makin motherfuckers indian
    You got beef? Go get yourself a wreath, because it's murder
    cause I put holes in my beef like fuckin White Castle burgers
    So now I gots to run up on a clown with the fo'-pound
    Cock back, rock black, gun a ***** down
    I see em, he's comin out the fuckin coliseum
    and hopped into a BM, shit!
    Put in my clip and then I dipped into the ride that my man had
    Parked on the sidewalk, then we start to glide
    I'm rainin on him (faster *****) oh yeah we're gainin on him
    (oh shit he's with somebody else) fukkit, put his brain on him
    Boom boom, no survivors, lifted the ***** out his seat
    When they find him, he'll be a backseat driver
    But I ain't finished with the trigger yet, I'm lightin up a cigarette
    Bang bang, I left the other ***** wet
    It's G. Rap baby, you know me, you try to hurt this
    I split your fuckin top and leave a fingerprint on purpose!

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    B1 I'm puttin forth the effort, murder's the method
    The steak is peppered
    Son when I let off you meet your Lord and shepherd
    Bloody money gets *****z deaded and wetted
    Don't forget it, money's the metal and my hand is magnetic

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    pullin up and bailin out like we're carsick, I'm ready to start
    start up buryin some heads like an ostrich
    and unload the whole cartridge and throw the shells out the
    the hardest of motherf**kers could never achieve what I've
    Yungbuck's my accomplice
    Located his existance with my sixth sense like a compass
    and starting on a journey established to stop this
    rushin up the hearts of the *****z to get em charged
    what's the real reason?
    All you haters try to murder me so now it's kill season
    And even though I'm still bleedin
    I'm comin after you cause I'm still breathin
    And y'all can't trace me
    I bury my victims in the wall like gacey too lyrical
    and since its nipple my umbilical these flows is critical
    This music is miracle like I'm biblical
    Killin like I'm nuttier than buddy love
    and still wouldn't leave a bloody glove and start the truck up
    and speed the f**k up getaway smokin this blunt
    Dump the adrenaline eruptin my viens I'm pumped up

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    And I'm calibrated at 360 degrees
    See that's 300 *****z that gon die about 60 slugs to do this
    (Psycho Drama) we too much for the industrialistic f**k
    with this on the brink of f**kin up some shit
    Dismantle deduct some shit
    It's hard to imagine what *****z got nerves to do
    (what *****z got nerves to do)
    So I guess I'll just take that f**kin' nerve from you
    then think what I'm on the verge to do
    And I got the urge to ooh let semi close yo curtains fool
    from killin the verses fool I be one of the worstest dude
    (you the who?)
    I'm the worstest workin about 9 millimeters above your surface
    unleash these thangs then I defeat yo purpose bitch you hurtin

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    J-live You better peep this verse
    The streets ain't no joker, man...
    The sidewalks might get you first
    So wherever you rest you better don't sleep
    Cuz like Denzel said, you could either be a wolf or a sheep
    And that ain't even criminology
    I'm talkin bout the everyday 9 to 5 people, still gotta fight the evil
    You could ride the fast lane or the train
    The illest weapon you can load ain't your nine, boy, load your brain
    You ask a real live gangsta and he'll tell ya the same (you know)
    A lot'a dummies die young, man, simple and plain (fa'real)
    A lot'a kids wanna show they got heart
    So they wild out, skip class (come on man)
    And trade book smarts for streets smarts (you know better than that)
    But ask yourself, even if you got one target
    Ain't you better off with two darts?

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    The bullshit will not be tolerated
    Ammunition clicked back, trigger pulled, block illuminated
    Thought you saw victory, hallucinated
    Body wet, spirit's dry, soul evaporated
    Gravedigger, stripped naked
    Here try this white dress, strap on these brand new wings *****
    Reality, embrace dreams in bear hugs
    *****z wit juice reduced to scared thugs
    Egos, ripped with desert eagle slugs
    Mugs, pushed back
    Rugs, washed
    Overall MF the best like Osh Kosh
    Rappers act hardened, I prosecute like Darden
    Challenge me, what motherfucker? beg your pardon
    All hail me as I sing words of war
    All fail see as we're battlin on tour
    Feds tail me they survail but get lost
    Want to nail me like I'm Jesus to the cross
    Brag about their riches, deep down they just bitches
    Talkin murda shit, go to jail become snitches
    Assholes ripped, patched back up in stitches
    Chopped they mothafuckin tree down family left in ditches
    Electric chair is hittin switches
    Pataki smoke crack that's why he's wacky
    Giuliani act Gotti, but he's punanni
    Not Pizano, he's Brasco you're Donnie
    MF is mossimo, negato, asesino
    Anti-oxidants and aminos, learn lessons
    When the C.R.E.A.M. goes and the hoes life flows

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    Lord Finesse Fuck that, you know who's bigger
    Even though nowadays you got all these motherfucking new *****s
    Fuck those who spread rumors, I didn't retire
    Even though you got all these Lord Finesse juniors
    Trying to get hype and rip mics
    They just imitators that can't quite get my shit right
    So won't y'all just face it
    That y'all sweat me so much I gotta give my dick a facelift
    Wanna battle, I'm all for it
    When it comes to this, I've been through more shit than a toilet
    Now we could get wild and search for peace
    Cause right now I'm chillin', like the ***** home on work release
    And even on a lover tip I'll still wax brothers quick
    When I do my thing I be on some old other shit
    *****s I slaughter, just to bring order
    Aw fuck it, my shit be flowing like spring water

    Now it's the dictator whose style's greater
    It's the man with more flavors than motherfucking Now & Laters
    And rappers I hit 'em well
    They automatically go to heaven fucking with me, I give 'em hell
    Yeah, so don't try to front, troop
    When your style is played out like an Osh-Kosh jumpsuit
    Huh, I'm out to collect figures
    I'm on some Wu-Tang shit, so protect your fucking neck, *****
    I don't front like a man on a high horse
    But yo, I make more noise than July 4th
    So run, son, I ain't the one, bum, who dial 911
    If you don't, you's a motherfucking dumb dumb
    I'm not a role model, I'm a bad figure
    When it comes to rap, I got skills out the ass, *****
    I got it locked like a warden
    Rap without Finesse, that's like the NBA without Jordan
    So all you new jacks kicking wack raps it's a fact that
    I'll be on your fucking back like a napsack
    It ain't shit you can tell me
    Cause the ladies still jel me without an LP

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    Slick Rick
    Well I shot some there, then I copped some beer
    And did a show up in West Bubblefuck somewhere
    Due to raps wider ratio, satellites to Nato
    Hillbilly draws flew on the stage like tomatoes
    Apparently more mack than I thought
    Unfortunately wife piece back in New York
    And I'm starvin
    Being human and open with
    A mad fine hillbilly woman was scoping Rick
    Thought entered how to lean and bent it
    Though I'm not gonna lie I was extremely tempted
    (To what, Rick?) To discharge in a sista
    Next thing in the dressing room, "Pardon me, mister"
    Yes, I said cautiously
    "Crazy, but possibly
    you could sign your name on the back of these Dazy Duke shorts for me"
    Try to resist, now girlfriend startin' it
    The pen won't write, "You can press down hard on it" -
    Now my hand browsing her South end
    Spun around about to shove my tongue in her mouth when
    Rring! - Loosen the grip my hell had
    My girl, she was talking so nice I felt bad
    Being untrue, no telling what it might do to her
    "I love you", forced to say I love you back too to her
    Any thought of getting pussy was doomed to:"You got a wife?"
    Anniversary comin up soon too
    Got off the phone, cock just got mute
    Don't get me wrong it's not like you're not cute (Uh-huh)
    I'm wrong for mistreating her, the wanting to skeeting her
    "I understand, goodbye, it was real nice meetin' ya"
    What an angel overcoming his wrongness
    The moral I am trying to get across in this song is
    If goodness is what you're filling your soul with
    And wanna find a woman you can chill and grow old with
    Who keeps no secret, like who they creep with
    Realise early it's a 2 way street, kid

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    As individuals and as a people we are at war
    But the majority of my side got they eyes open wide
    But still don't recognize what we fighting fo
    I guess that's what I'm writing for to try to shed some light
    But we been in the darkness for so long, don't know right from wrong
    Y'all scared to come near it, you ignore the voice
    In your head when you hear it
    The enemy is after yo' spirit but you think it's all in yo' mind
    You'll find a lot of the reason we behind
    Is because the system is designed to keep our third eyes blind
    But not blind in the sense that our other two eyes can't see
    You just end investing quality time in places you don't even neeed to be
    We don't even know who we are, but the answer ain't far
    Matter of fact its right up under our nose
    But the system taught us to keep that book closed
    See the reason why he gotta lie and deceive is so
    That we won't act accordingly
    To get the blessings we suppose to receive
    Yeah it's true, Uncle Sam wants you to be a devil too
    See, he's jealous because his skin is a curse but what's worse
    is if I put it in a verse y'all listen to some bullshit first
    We ain't natural born killas, we are a spiritual people
    God's chosen few
    Think about the slave trade when they had boats with
    Thousands of us on board
    And we still was praising the Lord now you ready to die
    Over a coat, a necklace round your throat, that's bullshit
    Black people ya'll better realize, we losin, you better fight and die
    If you got to get yo' spirit and mind back and we got to do it together
    Goodie Mob means, "The Good Die Mostly Over Bullshit"
    You take away one "O" and it will let you know
    "God is Every Man of Blackness"
    The Lord has spoken thru me and the G-Mo-B!

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    [Slick Rick]
    Is it a custom - to what? To provoke out a hostile apostle
    and make him smack the coke out your nostril
    BAP, the butter cat at gutter rappin and I'm all man
    Whatever gotta happen gotta happen
    Boy don't make me put my grown man shoe in you
    And I'm sorry father, for any wrongdoing doin you

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    Nine months passed, the water bag broke
    Mad hours of hard labor, sweat, screams, tears, pains,
    suffering, frustration, agony
    Only brought us hate, love, anger,
    happiness, doubt in faith, all in one, life begins now!

    My congrats to the world
    You have a beautiful healthy album
    that contain a trillion bombs of head nod
    to shock the outcome
    Three men and a cd,
    that conceived this through a spit guard
    pilot pens and compositions
    Hand out the the cigars
    Place your right hand on the case,
    and swear this shit is bangin
    Happy birthday! We made it through pimps,
    blingin and dancin
    (Yo Q, I know you got something)

    Jise One
    Low brim shadow my eyes (code red) rockin' a steel toe show
    Bold to visualize mo' live antagonize size
    Most cats fall off the face then come back to be surprised (why?)
    Sly Stone the mic to enterprise, true lies within you small fries
    Most egos that grow to be loose change, I despise that (why?)
    There two kinds that draw the fine lines between the biz and rhymes
    You breed greed to try mock mine ('cause I define the true times, why?)
    The records B.I. grime shit don't get the air
    You fear us nothing but bare time then show signs you're not aware (why?)
    Stay low, don't ask 'em to say hoe
    A million sold don't make you pro, that's why we

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    --------Pep love---------
    Like this shit
    *****z will do this to get attention
    Flashing and flossing, fronting like they rich with
    No intellectual enrichment
    They pull up to the light thinking it's all right
    And get their wigs split
    By the local town jacker
    Act the fool smack the fool with the back of the tool
    Doing dirt not caring who he hurt not
    Even unaware the gunshots came tearing through his shirt
    From one of the many people that he robbed before
    At the same intersection
    Now with his chest blown into sections
    He realizes the wrong of his ways as a victim of one that he victimized who
    Didn't know the boys in blue
    Was alerted of the murder when they heard the noize
    Plus seen the sparks when they rushed to the scene
    The hero was still there so his ass got caught

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    -----Pharoe Monch--------
    Pissed on the motherfucking White House lawn
    I threw a rock, then I ran
    Cause I couldn't stand anymore within the grip of the man
    Y'all wanna ask me who's sane
    These biological gasses are eating my brain
    Its a political grab bag to rape mother earth
    Thirty seconds after they bagged dad for what he's worth
    Thousands will die now so millions can smile later

    Its messages in the bass drum
    War goin off in your mind
    No man is safe from
    Its not a Game Boy about the PlayStation
    Its +Resident Evil+ when every President's a mason
    Robbin y'all fools like ?
    And y'all inherited roots and don't know how to retrace them
    Place them back
    Face them facts
    Disgraceful, faceless, tasteless acts
    Pharoahe takes teh authorities to court
    Peep crime before it happens like +Minority Report+
    And I will never be mentally defenseless
    Cats be on the block, in the hood in the trenches sayin

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    [Pop Da Brown Hornet]
    Bad boys, we killin toys, they muffle and noise
    Never lose they boys, they just keep on squeezin
    Bodies drop for no reason, kill you for breathin
    Rumble till we even, or till one of us die
    Eye for an eye, yo it's no more Mr. Nice Guy

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    Kids call me Abdulla, cause I'm the butcher
    Preppin' mc's inside my pressure cooker
    Throughout the underground I've been known to boast
    Enough to flip sewer caps, from coast to coast
    I most - enjoy leaving energy depleted
    Cause I often excel at being conceited
    A brain is something that I know you need
    See, I looked inside your dome, and found tumbleweed
    In honor of me, the Nabo, they build chapels
    For making heads bob, like teeth on apples
    We all heard you hit it, missed like shootin bricks
    Son, my beats are hype so I don't need a remix
    Porn Theatre Ushers, we're oozing pestilence
    Me plus this beat equals pure excellence
    Humans hear my style and praise it, cause when I say it
    I display it like archaic mosaics
    Your total life expectancy against me
    Is about three seconds
    Before I beckon the weapon of my choice
    Which is mostly the voice
    Although my tongue is like a lasso
    To knock you out easily like Glass Joe and Don Flamenco

    Rappers today, they're just a waste
    So if the sun burns out, I'd be chosen to take its place
    And shine throughout the rest of history
    Just alone my gaze will cause muscular dystrophy
    I often dropkick Valkyries off of balconies
    And in my spare time I like to study alchemy
    Removin' columns of your spinal
    With volumes of my vinyl
    So now you walk to my way kid that's final
    Steppin' to me is like killin' an albatross
    I rip your ligaments and apply them as dental floss

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    I'll be the first to verse and curse the whole universe
    I downed the Milky Way, cuz I hungered for the thirst
    After all, haven't y'all heard of me?
    I'm the famed mc, who shotput mercury
    The globetrotter with a flyswatter
    Dramatical plain plotter who walks on water
    The omen to the Roman empire
    Stalkin' predators, puttin' chumps in my crossfire
    I took a chance and walked through a portal
    Came out the other side as hip-hop's immortal
    I'm Nabo Rock, the first of my kind
    And the only thing I fear is the power of my own mind
    Many front as B-Boys, and act the hardest
    But they can't break or name one graf artist
    Your style SUCKS, claimin' you're terrific
    Got dropped from your label like extra prolific
    Your implements is impotent, insignificant
    Couldn't battle, if in Creek in Michigan
    So listen to the one applying discipline
    Beause your soul lacks artistry and needs conditionin'
    To walk in my path, and be my protege
    One must have six heads and two vertebraes
    Peace, this is my imagination


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