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    I don’t really post on here anymore, actually, I never really did. Due to the fact that I thought this place was pretty gay, and was made up of a bunch of 15 year olds learning how to use a pilot. Anyway.after what I saw what some of my friends did tonight and what they said after what they had done, made me ask the question above. What have you done in the graffiti game? What are your greatest accomplishments or your biggest let downs? Example, have you hit tags? If so, was the hottest spot in the whole entire city where you had to use 10 latter’s to get to? Or on the mailbox next to your school? Have you had your parents yell at you, gotten kicked out of the house? Have you racked 1 can or 1000? Maybe none? Have you gotten laid cause you had fame? Gotten dissed for no reason cause you’re a toy? Gotten caught 20 times or none? Basically, I want to know when you think of your name in your head, what are you most proud about? and what you have actually done, and what have you done to fuck your life up, make people love/hate you exc..?

    Please everybody respond honestly

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    honesty .......ive done nothing in what i set out to do, yet more than i ever thought i would ever do

    but im not dead yet.

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    trains! commutors, they are so amazing.

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    honestly i ve lost some friends cause of my opinion about graffiti, you know some people how they have 1-track minds and think that graffiti=vandalism, but never take the time to realise that what we do is another form of art.
    When i was writting i was going out with a girl that wanted me to stop, isnt ''love'' about personality,feelings and all that other sugar coated shit, i'm not gonna stop something i love to get pussy!
    craziest shit i ve done, 21 June 2000.... graduation day, i brought 4 cans of flat black to my school and fuckin destroyed the locker room area and the teacher's lounge! (i hated that school)
    never got caught, never will get caught
    I Did a mural for a day-care, and when i was done the kids had made a card and they all wrote there names in it... that was probably the best feeling ever!


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    first of i think this, thread is what they call it right, could be cool. anywho ive got an internet connect and time. i guess ill start of wif the graff.proud of,killed eugene oregon last summer wif tags and bombs. killed burlington vt wif tags and bombs last fall, which are small toy filled towns.some kid let me paint his room which i never finished.ummm never been caught by poo for writin.

    lets see ive been kicked out my house twice but i havent lived with my mom for about 4 years now. iv'e pretty much survived off of racking for those 4 years via paint food books money.ummmmmm
    things im most proud of now that i think about it arent really graff related like uh tramping it up and experincing shit wif my own senses. meeting amazing people and believe me they are hard to find and exist in every littl niche sub culture. shout out(oblioe,sleep,mason,elle,bonnie,trigger,c-rock,phil-one). uh for the past 2 years convincing this fucking awesome woman to share more than her vagina with my crazy bipolar ass which is still a mystery to me. aight this is gettin long moving on.

    not so proud of. completly droppin out the political scene while neglecting the relationships with people i met there.losing my temper with my fam cuz theyre just as crazy as me.umm denying being hella depressed.tweaking balls for like 2 months this spring. don't do meth kids. getting blacked the fuck out drunk trying to fuck every girl roomate then waking up wif a twisted ankle and teeth hurtin for aweek from fallin flat on my face not one but three times during this whole deal.what else boning girls just cuz i can even though i have no interest in them whatsoever and they think im great.killing that bum siiiiiiiiiiiike!
    anywhays i honestly can't tell you how this equates people loving or hateing on me i swear sometimes i feel like everyones a liar,slut,maniac. well off to bed good night.

    it's my hot body i do what i want

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    well, ive finally got down a pretty good style, im not as up as much as id like, but that should hopefully change for the summer
    if you think your the shit, your NOT the shit -stash

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    Positive Shit-got a better style now. met a lot of cool and interesting people. met my two closest friends on planet earth(peace 2 Jnuz&Dream). no fame yet. i think thats positive because when u start to get fame everyone and their grandma can snitch on ur ass.

    Negatives-been caught 3 times. went to jail once. holding cell once. court fines that amount to 75+45+150+300=570(----dam i neva realized that i paid that much money to a government that does shit for me. 1 year probation(currently serving).
    hours of comm service 20+20+40+10=90 (----neva realized that either

    all in all id do all the probation comm. serv. and fines again because i love my art and no one can stop me and i think all true writerz feel the same!

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    i started out writing in sketch books all the time. i didnt have enough money for paint, so i did what i could with markers.
    i believe that my biggest accomplishment is getting to different places. as i said i dont have a lot of money but when the opportunity came to go somewhere i took it. i hope to go all city someday.
    and my biggest let down... well it all comes back to the same thing bacically..when i was younger we got caught out on the 405 (la) and my dad kicked me out of the house because of it. money was hard to come by and i had to stick with my notebook for a while.. but if i look at it in a positive way, i got a chance to really develope my hand style.

    i havent really done as much as i hoped for.. but things are picking up and i'm starting to feel the love
    "some got pencils and some got guns
    some know how to stand and some of em run
    we dont all get along but we sing the same songs
    party for the fight to write and write on.."

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    First of all fuck, and second of all ive done
    Car windows
    convienent stores
    peoples houses
    1 police car
    a library
    uhhhhhhhhh a boston subway
    New York Tech(bathroom)
    much more....
    "How does the king of new York wear open toe choncletas"

    Well how does a thug from harlem wear purple? Punk ass bitch

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    I just started writing this year..
    I'm not good or anything...
    I'm actually pretty bad.. but I've improved so much..
    I've been hitting handstyles all over the place..
    wherever I get the chance.. I've only hit two spots with cans before..
    for the most part I use mops.. but It gets my name up..
    hopefully with time, I'll improve my style and can control, so I can just go all out..

    I've met some really amazing people along the course of my life..
    some people that I actually have more love for than I do for my pops and momma dukes..
    I tend to get real attatched to females.. cause I never had a close relationship with my mother..
    and I guess I'm still looking for tha mother figure in my life..
    which is why I have a lot of female friends which I'm not trying to fuck..

    I've been kicked out of a grip of schools..
    for one reason or an other.. (graff not being one of them)..
    I hit one of the schools I was kicked out disgusting one day...
    I just walked in and went to the nearest bathroom during first block..(no one is allowed to go to the bathroom at this time)..
    I fucking destroyed that shit.. wasted 2 face paint markers and one window chalk marker filled with some homemade ink in one bathroom..

    I got kicked out of my house for alcoholism and just my general being..
    My mom hated what I became in highschool...
    drug use and black-out drunkeness became mundane for me..
    So... I got kicked out when I was 16..
    luckily my grandma took me in.. I'm still living with her...
    I'm 17 now..
    I'm still an alcoholic..

    I'm drunk right now..

    I stopped smoking and shrooming..
    I still mix pills and alcohol sometimes.. to see if I get lucky..

    I hit up the second floor of a shopping center once..
    at around 9 PM.... so basically... It was in front of hella people..
    I hit up windows of places that there were people inside of and shit..
    I did a lot of running that night..

    I've never been arrested, but I'm still young..
    I have no close friends that graff, or even respect graff..

    I tend to be the butt of all my friend's jokes..
    cause I'm white hispanic..
    and I rap and graff.. they think I'm trying to be something I'm not..
    They see it as something only black people are entitled to do..
    which is rediculous..
    they don't respect the art form.. they only see what the media makes it out to be..
    but I'm used to it...

    because of shit like this..
    I often feel alone...
    even if I'm in a crowd... I'm alone...

    damn... I opened up like a motherfucker..
    <span style=\'font-size:21pt;line-height:100%\'>
    ... Must not sleep...
    ... Must warn others...

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    for me i think hitting the 100 year old front doors of this school...more then 1000 poeple go to it i did a huge black fill wiht chromeoutline it was fuckin sick...i got mad interagated ofr it cause someone ratted on me ...they showed me pics video tapes of me doing it....but i dindt get cuaght umm right now i working on getting a scratchie on every bus station in my city...id say i got like 8 or 9 big stations...i got like 50+ bus stop shelters tho...i just changed my werd about a month ago and im more up then some kids that have been writing for like 6months.

    umm i lost a few friends...ive been caught twice yet i havent paid a cent, umm my hates it when i do it ilegaly but when i show her it she tells me its pretty? i dunno i cant think of much more off the top of my head mabe if i thought about it i could get more but fuuuck it im lazy

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    woah jugga
    i never knew it was like that

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    I love scribing.

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    Originally posted by maoc@Jul 26 2005, 06:24 AM
    tweaking balls for like 2 months this spring.
    k... what the fuck does that mean?

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    tweaking is a west coast darby for smoking meth

    it&#39;s my hot body i do what i want

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    I mostly do a shit load of throwies anywhere possible.

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    I cummed at the age of 9.



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    8 ball im curious on what you have offered to graffiti? and to the graffiti community? to your life in general? and to the lives of others?

    i ask since you never answered your own question
    Kickin' it

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    Let&#39;s see.... Well, I am proud that within the last 5 or so months, I&#39;ve out-pieced, out-bombed, and overall outdone all the crews in my area (not just specific writers from crews; all the members in the crews) I&#39;m really glad to see that 15 of about 20 or so hard hits that I&#39;ve done (bombs) that are on the expressway underpasses, buildings seen from the expressway, etc. haven&#39;t been painted over. I think it really is amazing that my 5-6 hour graff runs every night have really paid off, and that I execute it with good style. I just realized recently that I have been painting for longer than I thought....5 years....that could be good or bad, it doesn&#39;t seem good or bad to me, it just is. I&#39;m also very glad that I get offers 1-2x per week to paint signs, houses, offices, etc etc. for people. Getting paid to do graff and knowing that the people paying you like the end product is a great feeling.

    The bad shit that&#39;s happened....not too much, really. My mom found out I have been painting for 5 years, but oh well, I&#39;m out of the house in less than a month anyway, plus, after seeing 30-40 paint cans in the recycle bin every week for a few months straight, it still took my mom a while to put 2 and 2 together. I got busted for graff, but oh well that doesn&#39;t stop me. Nothing will stop me.



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