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    Talking Watch out CORUM Bol d Or Mirabaud

    Corum watches expresses through Bol d "Mirabaud Or become the current sponsors to their name and contact together NaHu programme, which will be held on June 12 to implement. Corum replica watches reaffirmed its commitment to the programme, it will further expand the history and status of the competition in the programme sponsors.Bol d "Or Mirabaud has 72 years of development history, it is different in any other programme. This legendary sailing competition collected many stars and non-professional sailor involved, this event is the pride NaHu Geneva sailing enthusiasts also participate in.The grand sailing holiday in 1939, already became the first international sailing schedule in the traditional festival. Every year there are nearly 600 car racing and advocates of the whole Europe from the starting line, meet in more than 3,000 from various local people are full of love to sail into them.In order to celebrate the cooperation relations,replica CORUM watches will launch a limit on the "Admiral 35 's Cup Chronograph Bol d" (48 Mirabaud 2010 ". This unique landmark in this masterpiece of 12 brand watch and use its decorate sail triangle signal is famous for the design and sailing, the blue and gold very proportion.


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