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    What store?Depends on what you want. I prefer Menards for Rusto, it is just as cheap at walmart for a can of krylon as it is for Rusto at Menards. Walmart as far as I know sells the cheapest Krylon, Menards sells no Krylon and Lowes doesnt either, they sell some Rusto, but for a higher $. I really dont like walmart cans cuz coverage sux and they just dont compare to Krylon or Rusto. I dont have a HomeDepot yet, i think they are building one soon though so i cant give ya the info on that just yet...
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    fuck bitches get money
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    Very profound.

    Here comes the modern hip-hop stereotype train. Choo choooooooo
    nice highlighter fill btw

    Its Syerf, pronounced "Surf"
    as in: "That was some knarly surf session you had there brah"



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