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    Default We Ride by Train!

    I merged two old threads I'd made into this one. so post up all that business in here. Questions, links of interest, pictures, etc.

    First off, if you're considering riding trains, find somebody who's experienced to take you! The internet is no substitute for real world experience, the only way to learn is by doing, and the only way to do it is finding somebody who's willing to teach you. Secondly, consider that what you're doing could potentially get you killed or at the very least seriously fucked up, arms and legs don't grow back. Don't be wreckless with your life, think safety first in every situation.

    asking for a crew change, or posting sensitive information will get you banned!

    I'll start off by posting this: 3rd edition of the North American Professional Railroad Atlas. it's password protected, so pm me and if you're not a retard and seem like you may actually use it i'll give it to you.

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