Posted by newz12 20 days ago
CMC #3: Mistress Purple
Why We Do This: Spray paint collecting explained in three colors. 
Part 3: Kneel before Mistress Purple!
Posted by newz12 22 days ago
Sril Art interview
Interview with Sril from Salt Lake City.
Posted by thierry 2 months ago
Ster - 365 Days of Painting
Our friend Ster from Bulgaria painted EVERYDAY for the last year. We had to interview him. I mean, who else can claim such a rampage!
Posted by thierry 5 months ago
Tommy Kruise on Graffiti
Tommy Kruise shared some heavy-duty knowledge on graffiti, read this quick interview after the jump.
Posted by thierry 6 months ago
Arbe Interview
Cian Walker interview with Arbe KOG/LTS from Los Angeles.
Posted by thierry 7 months ago
CA Crew Interview
EXCLUSIVE Crazy Apes Crew interview by Matthew James.
Posted by thierry 1 year ago
Gravo Interview
New interview with Gravo by Matthew J (@IamJamesMatthew).
Posted by thierry 1 year ago
Earth Crusher
Earth Crusher interview after the jump!
Posted by newz12 1 year ago
Sinic interview
Exclusive interview with Sinic from Hong Kong.
Posted by thierry 1 year ago
Bordalo II interview
Born in Lisbon in 1987, Artur Bordalo aka Bordalo II grew up watching his grandfather, Real Bordalo, painting the city of Lisbon.

Interview after the jump!
Posted by newz12 1 year ago
Stinkfish Interview
Interview with Colombian artist Stinkfish.
Posted by newz12 1 year ago
KILLAH-EF interview
Exclusive interview with our man Killah-Ef!
Posted by thierry 1 year ago
Interview with my maing man Smak DA.
Posted by thierry 1 year ago
EyeOne interview
New interview with L.A. artist EyeOne. Interview by Matthew J (@IamJamesMatthew)
Posted by thierry 1 year ago
Fem Graf
Fem Graf, an all-girl graffiti jam in Barcelona, took place for the second time last February 2012. We had a little chat with home girl Malicia, who organizes the event.
Posted by thierry 1 year ago
It's a sad news for everyone here in Montréal, style master DOCK passed away. From throw-ups to wildstyles, this guy kept standing out, and most of all, he kept us all smiling, making any moment an exclusive one. Some photos of self-named Le Prince after the jump. Gotta scan some old printed photos from the uptown tracks, meanwhile enjoy these shots snatched from Some, Scan, Killah-Ef and Mook-Life. Rest In Power to my man Dock, a true Montréal bandit.
Posted by thierry 1 year ago
Legalize It: Interview with Legal BTH
Legal BTH FUNK, from Montreal, has been writing for about 5 years now. This guy's a beast when it comes to letters, and I hope he shows the way to newer generations. Meet the new west island boss.
Posted by newz12 1 year ago
Kif Interview
Interview with mexican graffiti writer Kif.
Posted by thierry 1 year ago
Boro Clothing
''Boro's vision is square on a horizon that merges the novelty of the present with the authenticity of the past.'' -Mersh.

Brought to you by three of Montréal's most infamous writers, Boro Clothing just hit our shelves, and is now available online HERE and at Sub-V. These guys have been perfecting styles for years now, and this brand is the professional result of some heavy bombing, drinking, chilling action on our hometown's pavement. HOW ARE YOU?!
Check some of their clothes - and mostly their graffiti - after the jump!
Posted by thierry 1 year ago
GreenLight Gallery
The guys at GreenLight Gallery - THE spot to get paint and bongs in the Plateau - had a production behind the store. Check the pics after the jump!

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