Posted by newz12 1 day ago
Berlin update
New pics from Germany capital: Berlin!
Posted by newz12 2 days ago
Miami (13 pictures)
We have a great selection of graff pics from Miami today for you guys!
Posted by newz12 3 days ago
Here are 12 new pictures from today's update, all from Amsterdam.
Posted by newz12 4 days ago
Bogota (12 pics)
South American graffiti, from Bogota, Colombia. 
Posted by thierry 5 days ago
Bombing Raid
New video with Five8 and Dré. Bombing Raid!
Posted by newz12 5 days ago
Cleveland (11 pics)
C-Town update, with 11 fresh new pictures!
Posted by newz12 6 days ago
Tokyo Streets
Tags + Bombing from the grimey streets of Tokyo.
Posted by newz12 7 days ago
Zagreb, Croatia
Illegal and legal action mix for today's update, straight from Croatia!
Posted by newz12 8 days ago
Paris (11 pictures)
A touch of colour of the grey walls of Paris...
Posted by newz12 9 days ago
World Update
More new pictures that were sent to us from around the world. Keep them coming!
Posted by newz12 10 days ago
Toronto (13 pics)
Toronto got skills!
Posted by newz12 11 days ago
Sarajevo update
More new pictures from this amazing city.
Posted by newz12 12 days ago
Berlin update
Berlin is changing, but it is still one of the most bombed city in the world. Let's enjoy it while it lasts!
Posted by newz12 13 days ago
All-Over update
New pics from around the world: Winnipeg, Napoli, Miami and many other places...
Posted by newz12 14 days ago
Columbus, Ohio
Let's put the graffiti scene of Columbus on the map!
Posted by newz12 15 days ago
New York City
Here's your daily dose of graffiti. In direct from the Big Apple today!
Posted by thierry 16 days ago
Check these walls and sketches by Debza from the South of France.
Posted by newz12 16 days ago
Nasty bombing and beautiful walls from this croatian city.
Posted by newz12 17 days ago
Miami (19 pics)
Magic City update, with a mix of illegal and legal spots. Enjoy!
Posted by newz12 18 days ago
Seoul bombing
Strictly illegal action update from Seoul, South Korea...

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