Posted by newz12 1 day ago
Bay Area graffiti is the bomb. Here's a full update with Oakland street action!
Posted by thierry 1 day ago
New spots by Ster around Sofia, Bulgaria.
Posted by thierry 2 days ago
New feature with multidisciplinary crew Org-Asthme.
Posted by newz12 2 days ago
Columbus, Ohio
Ohio state capital update!
Posted by newz12 3 days ago
Some serious damages from Sarajevo after the jump!
Posted by thierry 4 days ago
Weekly Fix 7
This week's selection: Bacon HSA, Katre TER, Bates, tags by Rime MSK and Remed, Italian steel by Phiesta, and more.
Posted by newz12 4 days ago
Chi-Town update! For y'all midwest graffiti fans.
Posted by newz12 5 days ago
Ottawa bombing
While Ottawa is bombing ISIS, they get their fair share of street bombing in their own city...
Posted by newz12 6 days ago
Tokyo Streets
Tokyo megapolis graffiti update!
Posted by thierry 7 days ago
OBE x Amuse
Obe One CMK x Amuse 126 DE go end-to-end on a 53' trailer in Chicago.
Posted by newz12 7 days ago
Oakland Buff
The creative buffers/vigilantes of Oakland leave their mark as much as the graffiti writers...
Posted by newz12 7 days ago
Split (Croatia) looks like an international meeting place for graffiti writers. Check some of the walls we have found there...
Posted by thierry 8 days ago
Riot1394 x Molotow Train
Check Riot1394's wholecar session on the Molotow Train.
Posted by newz12 8 days ago
Berlin streets
Because everybody loves Berlin street bombing!
Posted by thierry 8 days ago
Five x Dre
Affiliated writers Five8 and Dré, in collab with MAD4TWNTY, just released 4 prints of some of the most notorious spots.
Posted by thierry 9 days ago
Weekly Fix 6
This week's selection: a truck by Kem5, wall by Rath, Scan and Defy, instalation by Does, India steel by the Mutants, and more.
Posted by newz12 9 days ago
Many graffiti pics from Bogota were added today...
Posted by thierry 10 days ago
Jaro LSD
Featured today: from Jaro LSD LB. Shouts to Wase, Hungr, and the rest of the Toronto squad!
Posted by newz12 10 days ago
Today's update: 11 new graffiti pictures from Amsterdam
Posted by newz12 11 days ago
LA, California
Large update from big bad LA

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