I'd make interviews over photo features anyday. You don't get to know much about someone by seeing his latest flickr pieces. Sadly, I get caught up with too much work to do that (I'm writing this at 3:00AM). The homies at GoodFellasMagazine cooked up a sick recipe titled 10Shots, a 10-questions interview they've been doing since 2010. This is actually a 14 questions line-up, half an ounce of free knowledge. Big up and thanks to my boy Axe to grant us the honor of sharing some words and pictures with us today!

1/2 Ounce: Axe

Raccoon city (Mont Real)

k6A the 22 Raccoons / KG

A Raccoon gotta eat

A Raccoon gotta live


and love

Ce qui ma pris le plus de temps a master
What took the longest to master

Ce qui ma pris le plus de temps a dompter
What took the longest to tame

Takinage de vortex

Jazz fusiooooooooonnnnnnnnnn!?!

-Latinas or Asians:
Les rousses sont douces
Red heads are soft

Le plus possible et quand dans l'impossibilité: drugs
As much as possible and when impossible: drugs


Let it all out

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