Hi, my name is Super7 and I’m currently in the south of England.

I began writing back in 1999 and started bombing with stickers and markers which led onto dubs, track sides and trains. I was later convicted and sat up in Crown Court with crew members under Conspiracy to Commit Criminal Damage charges. Fun times.

After narrowly avoiding prison and fined massively, I somehow ended up painting a huge mural for most of my community service. I then spent a blurry year and a half living in Holland and started painting the Hall Of Fames there; this really opened my eyes to what could be achieved with spraypaint.

My styles will always have connections to traditional graffiti; that 80s and 90s flavour that I grew up with. I enjoy sketch booking and exchanges, painting letters, character’s, getting involved in productions and commissions. I am excited to continue painting and developing my style, meeting new people and seeing what run down places it takes me to next.

Some of my favourite writers, still after 2 decades from when I first saw them include Zomby, Astek, Tizer, Shine n Quest, Zore, Bates, Sofles, Mode2 and Hombre. All are different but they have something that stops me in my tracks. There’s many more to name but, it’s generally writers who put in the work.

I’ve travelled and painted in different countries and favourite places include Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Stockholm, New York and Bali. They all have different energies and movements which is great to experience. I am currently planning on more trips to some not so obvious places.

I would like to give a shout to my wife Mog and props to the TSC, KFW, TMF, NSK boys, 2Keen, Dime, Soak, Chips, Tipse, the SMO, Guys4, A51 and everyone else that’s been true and cool with me. Peace.

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