We’re coming at ya again with some more fire alphabets from some mad style writers!


Here is my alphabet in black and white and in digital color. The title of the alphabet is “Hi” 2 because the H and i are in the same box to have something square.

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I Base my alphabet on the simplicity of the letters and find the way to play with the fill, the contour line and the background, without losing the shape of each single letter, mixing 3 colors to get a complete composition. I decided to make two color models for these screenprints because I wanted people to have the option to choose, and in the end, a lot of them really like the neon pink combination, and I do not blame them, it’s also my favorite.

U cand find this serigraphs on my shop : www.zurik.co/shop and also a complete review of the process, from the sketch to the serigraph here: http://zurik.co/blog/procesoscreativos/serigrafia-abecedario/

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I’d say my style is heavily influenced by late 90’s London style but with a modern twist, quite messy and often unfinished

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