Kickin’ off 2018 with some banging alphabets from some killer writers!

Mr. Ios

I am Mr. iös from Hamburg, writing Graffiti about 10 years. I love to paint every day a different style, especially alphabets. Painting always the same feels boring, i`m addicted to variation. Greetings to 3st boys and tng !

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Hi, you write my message on instagram too be a part of bombing science alphabet. Yes ofcourse you can schare my alphabet or my graffiti or my graphic . As for the description of my style ,this is the new essence of my own style that has shaped over the years. My style is pure quintessence of graffiti. It’s hard for me to clearly define it because I often try to change the structure of letters, their layout, shapes, colors. In my letters you can see a cross-section from wild style to block busters. Every time, I smuggle the part of me in him. Once there was a competition on your site for a shirt design. I did a few but I do not know if they liked you because I did not get any answer. Send them now again. The attachment will also include my graphics etc. Great thanks for the invitation to play with the alphabet. If you are interested in any cooperation or sharing of my work, then no problem. If you want i can send you also some links too my graffiti movies.Peace

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My name is opteek, iam a graffiti writer from austria/vienna. Iam working here as an Illustrator and graphic designer. Back in the days I started writing with a very good friend. He is not more into the whole thing. But He stayed a big fan of the movement, especially he is fascinated with wildstyle writing. So this illustration is a private dedication to my Bro “Birdy”.

The wild style letters are closed in itself. Most of the letters are inspired by its most significant forms, lines and curves. The style of each letter is building up on the previous one. This illustration is the first of a series, that will follow shortly.

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