Here we go with more alphabets to get you inspired and ready to hit the wall!


in terms of style, I like to try and keep things rather simple with the base form of my lettering so that it can be recognised by the graff community and beyond then I add a little bit of flair to it with the kicks, arrows etc and make everything flow together.

I have always been a massive fan of wild style and have always lent that way with my work but I like to keep it  still legible for others to read and enjoy and not just get confused and lost looking at it.

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I started as a bboy “breakdance and popper “ 81 and i keep the dance attitude in my styles and characters. Hiphop in general is attitude. 

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Doing the alphabet is fun it let’s me explore the other 22 letters not just R.U.S & K which can get stale sometimes. But the overall look of a complete alphabet has to look good collectively as well as each letter individually. My style to me is just about flow & a bit of swing, I don’t like anything to crazy just a solid outline with a few connections, a good style has to be at least semi readable with balance & decent proportions. I’m not there yet but there’s still time!

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