The 2BUCK invitational originally started as a Louisville jam Sponsored by Spinellis Pizzeria. The event was originally named Spinelli’s all city. Jon was a key contributor, helping organize and put together all city, year after year. When 2buck passed in 2015, in a tragic accident, while on a painting trip to Puerto Rico. It was only right to rename the event in his honor. 2BUCK’s impact on our scene in Louisville was enormous. He makes up a huge slice of Louisville graffiti history. 2buck aggressively targeted the most high risk spots and painted them first, consistently. Without cutting any corners. This has continued to influence the generations that have come after him.

We continue to celebrate, recognize and honor him with the #2buckinvitational. Keeping the way Jon looked at graffiti and our community in mind, while expanding and growing the event every year. You can purchase memorial shirts here that will go to support the jam

Words by @2buckinvitational