What’s up I go by 3Seven,

I’m from the 562 southeast Los Angeles, Aka sela 

Been drawing since I was a kid, First started painting in 2008. Writers I looked up to coming up was peeps like Koder , Dahm, Sahl , Thisr , Zesr Dudes .  from AWR crew, Msk crew, YR crew CBS crew. 

When I was about 10 years old I had a school project I was supposed to get a folder and write my name out on the front. I wanted mine to stand out so I asked my popps to help me with it, he was a machinist so he was good with dimensions and 3D shit. He showed me how to 3D (shadow) on my letters, Shortly after I found graffiti.

Coming up I’ve always been interested by wildstyles the way peeps structure there letters, the connections, combining letters. Colors always came naturally for me. But I feel like a good artist can make their shit stand out with just black and white. I grew up using dollar paint from Walmart, Home Depot and with stock tips  that’s what helped with my can control as well 

When I paint I never take sketches. That’s why my pieces are never exactly the same but similar.  I base the way I do my letters on the surface and size of the wall. And the. There are times where I plan something out like a color scheme. But that’s rare. 

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