I am 4Sakn-One-CBS. I reside on the East Coast in Jersey City. I have been writing since 1999. So 19 years, seems long in some aspects of my life but not in writing, heads have been rockin for 40 plus and counting. Too much work to do a lot of the Graffitis that needs to be done. I like doing big burners. To me this is graffiti. Giant wildstlyez with strong letter structures that can stand with or without color. Ever changing and evolving letter styles that refrain from becoming stale or stagnant. Or at least striving for that. From burning out in BK to the Bricks there is no shortage of heads that can burn and are extra motivated to keep it fuckin moving and productive. And that’s just this little side of the country. I am in no shortage of amazing artists around me that keep me striving for the next big mission, and keep me grounded and humble. From my crew CBS to my local brethren. No longer in graff can you be a one hit wonder when you have homies like my boy Elser rockin for many generations, and no longer on the east coast can you say we do small sticker pieces with homies like Hoacs and many others putting in Big One day burners. In my direct area my homies, Veer, Tiper and Distort keep me racking my head for new styles, color combos and letter tech. This is only to name a few. SO to put it shortly when I think of graff and the stuff I have done or places I have painted I cant help but to think, No ones cares keep painting more!

Thank you to Bombing Science for the Feature and support!!!!!!!! Thank you to my crew CBS the support is very appreciated!!! Much love to my homies Medow, Veer, Tiper, Elser, MH, Pawn, Wish, The Culprits, Hoacs, Trace,(all of 4S crew) Wosa, Ditl, Meres, Serringe, Lean, Yoder Distort, Loser, (all the AIDS CREW!!!) to JERSEY CITY, Green VIllian and anyone I am forgetting you know who you are!!!!

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