Interview by Cian Walker
Bombing ScienceYo- so tell the folks at home what you write and who you rep..
Abort- I belong to the Crew 1987 and my stage name is Benit or Abort, our crew is a group of friends with the same interest in graffiti and we are working together to enjoy a good painting time.

Bombing ScienceWhere are you situated and what’s the graf scene like there?
Abort- Fortunately I’m living in Manresa, a small city close to Barcelona where actually only some people are painting, so we can work in quietness together, although i like to know new people and places.

Bombing ScienceHow did you begin painting?

Abort- When I was 15/16 after I got my high school qualification i made my first attempt at graffiti art. At first it was just a hobby but with time it became almost an obsession.

Bombing ScienceA perfect day’s painting…
Abort- What I prefer is to paint a wall with some friends, beers and a barbecue although it’s always okay to add the dynamic of action and the adrenaline.

Bombing ScienceAny favourite artists in particular?
Abort- My favourite artists are the people that I usually paint with. I’m influenced by a lot of comics artists, movies and in general by the massive barrage of images that we receive costantly that make our brains full  of fucking litter, it’s impossible for us to escape from them.

Bombing ScienceAnything you’d like to achieve through graffiti?
Abort-  I believe that in the graffitti ambient we have to put aside the silly stuff and trouble, we have to aknowledge that, take it easy, learn to share to make graffiti more attractive and addictive.
Each period in graffitti art is charaterised by bad and good things, it depends on the contemporary trend.

Bombing ScienceDo you prefer to paint letters or characters?
Abort- I like both things, as well as abstraction.

Abort, thanks so much for your time!