•How long have you been writing?

– I started writing in 1989, when I acquired the balls to paint my first piece and attempted it in 1992 had a few years where I was dormant due to my obligation to Uncle Sam.

•Where are you based out of?

-Im originally from NYC, but circumstances found me living and spending my formative years in the great state of Rhode Island.

•Writers who’s style you like/admire?

– Man there are so many writers who’s style I admire. To name a few Rath, Preys, Bacon, Kem 5, Geser, Goser, Stae 2, Mast, Jurne, Enue like I said there are so many….most of these writers that I’ve mentioned I’ve either met or know personally and to me a lot of what I admire is the actual person behind the style if that makes sense.

•Tell us a little bit about your style.. –

I love both old school traditional letter structures and newer more free form letters styles….I have always used multiple names as a way to keep things interesting and be able to experiment. More recently ive been using two names. Victor hes the dude Born in NYC; doing letter styles that are informed by old NY; modernizing tradition. Above trys to get a lil loose and wild. Hes less concerned with the style rules and more about fun.

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