I mostly write ACE but like the challenge to try styling different letters. In 1986 I did my first sketches and tagging in the trams, streets and alleys of Basel in Switzerland, my first piece was hit in 1988/89. Being a Hip Hop head my focus on graffiti writing started back again in 1993. I quit writing in 2005 but took “back what’s mine“ in 2014 – the love for WRITING MY NYME IN GRAFFITI!

CREWS (chronology): MB (Mauerblümchen), PCW (Phull Contact Warriors), PS (Phunk Science), MPC (Morris Park Crew) and the infamous GTK (Got The Key)

I would describe Basel as a grimy and tough city, where you had to show your skills to be outstanding and to be accepted in the scene. So being one of the most active street bombers in the city I gathered an image as a writer. Also, I always felt lucky to be surrounded by great style writers within the crew. So I always was in the battle mood! This was the motivation to continuously work on my letter styling. There are a lot of different styles around. Me, personally, I really love it to be versatile. Mastering the letters is a must to me without losing the fun part of it, meaning, if I blow up technically, I don’t care really much as far as the flow is still there. I want to write until my body allows to do so.

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