I started writing in 1999.. born in west London, was inspired by London crews such as CD “criminal damage” & LB “lost boys” and LWS “live wires”
I use to write another name but we had an undercover police officer at our school for a year who busted 10 of us I was caught fined massively and stoped writing around 2005 I picked up a tin again around 2011 and starting writing ACROS. Writers I saw growing up that got me into graff –
CATCH, DSIA, BAPS, OWED, CREPT, SOZ, PRIZE, ASTEK, DBUG, CLUE , ZEST, ZOMBY, TAKE, the list is endless mostly all London writers. I based my style on the London scene tried to keep it that sort of style whilst trying to perfect my own original style. I’ve been impressed with some writers out of Germany recently bringing some crazy styles and the US – and was lucky enough to have met ceser and saker from Gran Canaria whos I class as 2 of the best in the world. Lastly, I’d like to shout out to all my crew LWS ‘live wires’ and a big shout out to bombing science for supporting and posting my work over the years.

Instagram: @neville_bartos_