First of all I want to Thank you guys to be featured on your website. My tag is Acter writting for PFK and UPC crews. I am originally from Slovakia but I lived in London for about 9 years. Roots of my grafftiti goes back to 2007 when I started to recognise grafftiti as a good form of art in the city. Back then I’ve been doing     a lot of Streets and some funny panels as there was not a legal wall in my city and we loved to decorate our place with the silvers. Few years later me and my crew had troubles with law as we destroyed our hood and the rest of the city  so I decied to make a move and try London as a place to live. When I came to London it was a bit tough time for graffiti so I tried legal walls instead. For me it was new way to relax and apart of that I was able to meet a lot of awesome people from around the world. Now my passion is mostly legal walls, traveling and hunting different models of trains. I also think that those two elements formed my style. Something between ‘’semi wildstyle’’ and some ‘’bold style letters’’ to be easier and quicker to paint. Also I love to play with effects and colours a lot.

At the end Shout out to all my crew mates and friends I spent lot of time painting sometime, somewhere, somehow.

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