Aerub – I’ve been writing since 1997 in and around the Seattle area.
I was raised on styles such as Twist/Amaze, Gkae, Smog and Power. Tits crew to KYT- which were all prevalent and relevant on the streets of Seattle and onward.
My style was directly influenced by hometown heroes such as Perck, Smoker, Adek, Malvo and too many others to mention.
Nowadays I’ve moved into my train focused phase. Spending more time on one piece, playing the game of Tetris in figuring out new and clever flow connections between letters- always giving a nod to the New York subway writers as my foundation and shoulders of giants that I stand on.
Writers who inspire me nowadays are Merlot, Myth, Much, Hindu, Rime, Revok, Maple, Jurne, Kick, King157 and so on..

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