Name: Amor One

Crew: DTS

City / Country : Helsinki, Finland

Hello, my name is Amor One from Helsinki, Finland. My history in graffiti dates back to the late 80’s. I grew up in a suburb called Olari and there was a vibrant underground scene at the time. The kids were involved in skateboarding, making DIY films, rap/punk/hard core music and also graffiti. For me it was natural to jump into that culture.

Seeing pieces around and also getting my hands on e.g. Subway Art was really inspiring back then. I was interested in creating different letter combinations and styles. That led to me changing my name quite often. I continued to write actively for 10 years or so. At the beginning of the millenium I had a long break from graffiti.

For a few years now I’ve been writing with rediscovered enthusiasm. Nowadays for me graffiti is an outlet for expression and a way to chill out.

I get inspired, not only by the graffiti I see, but also by other art forms. The location, surroundings and textures play an important part in what the result will be. Over the years my personal style has evolved as I have experimented with different styles and approaches to pieces. Maybe the constant for me is that I have always tried to keep an open mind in my expression and not get stuck in one specific way of doing things. In that sense, my style is always evolving. Let’s see what will come of it.

Bombing Science, thanks for having me!

Amor One / DTS

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