I have written Amuse One since about 1993. I came up in Sydney and now doing my thing in Melbourne for the last 5 years.

There is also Amuse126 out in Chicago doing tight work and Amuze outta Queens NY also keeping the flame lit.

The cool part is we are all down with each others work and give props whatever the weather.

My first influences were writers from 80s New York like Skeme, Shame125, Dondi, Magoo2, Reas, Web, Arab, Ven, Tekay and people like Saint, VFR, RE and JA for bombing styles.

Growing up in 90s Sydney I was wide-eyed and cocky but would sit down, shut up and watch some of the greats paint like Prins, Phibs, Dmote, Siker, Scram, Krush and Sach. I am very grateful for those years.

Today my main influences are the crews I rep, SWB and KOS, who inspire me on the daily with dope graffiti and lifting each other up like all crews should.

My style is just a weird cocktail of New York, Sydney, Boston, Melbourne, LA, San Francisco with some London flavour thrown in for good measure.

Letter alchemy is a strange thing to label. If I had to describe my style it would be alien/classic.



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