I’m Ankor 1 and I’m in KOG, GL, and YPN. I’m from San Jose, Ca born and raised. I started writing Ankor in 2011. Prior to that, I wrote a multitude of other names stretching back to 2005. Ankor was the name I truly progressed with. Growing up I would geek out on lettering styles from skate companies and metal band logos. I was in the local music scene and would design show flyers and band logos. I’d say that’s where my love for textured/more aggressive styles has developed from. Heavy graffiti influence from LA crews like kog, lts, and awr. Timer, Natrl, Medik, and Ekose are a few crew mates that have definitely had some direct/indirect influences on my graff style and structure evolution from the time spent painting with them. Timer put me in Your Properties Next in 2014, Natrl put me in Graff Life in 2015, and Arbe put me in Killers Of Giants in 2020. I’m very grateful to be a part of all three crews that I’m in. Shout out to everyone who fucks with me.

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