My name Appear37 and Im from the Swedish town Borås located 40 minutes from Gothenburg where the graff seen has inspired me to get better. 

 Im 25 years old this year I have been writing since 2007, always had an interest in art & creativity so it came naturally to me to start using the spraycan as a tool… It smelled so good to!

I started to Search with Google for inspiration, then I found out the Graffiti magazines and now instagram gives me extra inspiration, I can see all the burners from my favourite writers everyday!

 It really makes you want to do my best to be as good as they are. 

I have so many favourites right now but here are some of them! 

Swet, Agens, Jurne, Rime, Bacon, Aroe, Mad C, Gary, Bates, Soten, Geser, Nychos and many many more! 

I admire these guys because they have great styles and funky moves! 

I love when letters dance and behaves like a character, like they are alive! Thats what i want to achieve in my style.

I have always loved the oldschool Graffiti touches on letters and thats what I’m trying to do but with a twist. Contrasts in colors are important for me, it makes the style look better on the eyes and the lines to pop! 

I want People to react and like what they see, but its all about taste! 

I describe my style as a funky kaos with balance and Oldschool classic Graffiti touches. 

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