Aloha!! I write ASALT/ASALTER, I’m from Oahu, Hawaii, but recently moved to Houston, Texas. I’ve been writing since 1992 so that’s about 28 years now.
Growing up in Hawaii, I was influenced by the local artists. KATCH 1, dudes amazing to say the least, biggest influence in my graff life. Then all my crewmates, who were always the dopest in my eyes. ASK KREW. Also the other dope local crews like DE and EV..etc…
As for my style, I kinda just go with the flow, I try to switch it up as much as possible so I don’t get repetitive.

Last, I’d like to shout out my crewmates, ASK, HOD, AP, MAHALO, and thank you guys again, truly a blessing, aloha.

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