I write ASER, part of the BMC crew based in the north east of England, in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne. I have been writing graffiti since late 2015/early 2016 meaning I am still incredibly new to the game. I was introduced to graff through the hip hop scene as I am also a bboy of 8 years, however I am slowly beginning to train less and less and starting to sketch more and more. The crew that I have the honour to call not only my teachers but friends are the Bad Taste Cru from Northern Ireland. One of the founding members of this crew also happens to be Bboy P, and if people in the graff scene know this guy, they will know him as Micro 79. Micro first properly introduced me to the style writing side of graffiti as opposed to bombing and illegals. I can still remember being a young teenager ; or as he would say a “young buck”, and being given the half/full tins of 94 and being overwhelmed with excitement to start straight away. I began to rush the outline and fill in to a point where he had to stop me because it was most likely unbearable to watch. This first experience stuck with me, as I do believe that you should work smarter rather than harder (of course hard work is needed too). Sketch consistently and take your time when doing so, meaning that you are genuinely learning as you go rather than getting lucky.  This past year or two I have been trying my hardest to figure out and learn what a writer needs to be able to comprehend and do in order to paint a burner piece, as this is currently my main goal for painting graffiti. This goes back to learning your basics as this is of course where everything in graffiti comes from. I am actively trying to improve my handstyle and dubs (straight letters) to help me understand how to stretch and distort certain structures in my letters which gives off the ‘hip-hop wildstyle’ sort of vibe. These simple chrome dubs that you can see from the photos surrounding are in my opinion, a lot harder to paint then full scale ‘wildstyles’ as mistakes are spotted instantly and cannot be hidden by any mad colour schemes or techniques you can create with a tin of paint  and you must have good can control an knowledge to make them work. Two writers that I look up to and aspire to be able to hold my own against if I was to paint with them one day would be Skore79 and Phet from SBB. these guys are examples of writers who know how to stretch letters in certain ways to give off this style I am trying to develop. To me these guys have mastered the basics and truly understand how letters work which is a lot easier said than done. As impressive as these wildstyle pieces are there is also something about a clean, clear and crispy tags that is equally as impressive to me. Writers such as Canser, post, Wek and Rime are all examples of guys whose tags are untouchable. There are many writers I look up to and am impressed by including writers from my city, Amor, Kigs, Zee, Micro and Inch. Also Hoxer, Sofles, Dales, Fakt 4, Mash, Phet, Dater, Ziner, Peal, Vibes, Atom, Posa, Pemex, Bates, Acroe, Dart, Tkid, Tase and Vosp. Another thing that excites me that I heard whilst listening to a podcast was that graffiti is infact still in its infancy as an art form, and if we look at guys producing work like sofles is now, I cant even think about what will be getting painted in 50 years. Shout out to the PDK boys for putting me in the game the correct way. I would like to give a special shout out to all the Hip-Hop enthusiasts and homies across the uk. Especially Bad Taste Cru, Battalions crew and Nasty Natives crew. These guys are constantly striving to achieve the goals they set for themselves, weather it be battling at jams and earning respect, or setting up entire companies from scratch and travelling the world being able to give people opportunities they would never have had otherwise. Cheers to bombing science for giving me the chance to put my work and views out for all of you to read. Peace.

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