I write OG ASHER. I live in downtown Los Angeles California originally from Phoenix Arizona. I’ve been doing graffiti for over 20 years but seriously bombing the streets for over 10 years non-stop with no break except for when I was incarcerated.

My biggest influences have to be neighborhood style lettering seeing in the streets and in the ghettos growing up. But as far as writers concerned I would say OG Mike Giant, Buster from Monterrey Mexico, and OG Chaz borquez from East LA are my biggest influences by far. These guys really are what planted the seed in my mind when I was young to pursue something into more traditional graffiti than just gang stuff. Now I live and work in downtown Los Angeles as an artist and a private Studio near the arts district for years on Skid Row and I paint the streets constantly. Dominating the visual supremacy of my city is primero to me 
Longevity is what means the most to me in graffiti not somebody to say all I used to do graph when I was in my teens. I’m well into my forties I have kids and even a grandchild and everything in the world to make excuses not to paint but yet I do illegal street graffiti top-to-bottom block letters on the main corners on a daily basis and I won’t quit anytime soon. Only the Strong Survive in LA real graph
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