My name is Atmos, Based in Ireland. 

I started painting when I was about 8/9 years old and I’ve been painting for about 11years since. I love painting all aspects of graffiti, but exploring styles and trying to progress with each piece always occupies most of my time, not knowing what way your pieces could look a year from now.  At the moment iv been playing with fonts and it has heavily influenced my most recent pieces, but I take inspiration from architecture and design in general mostly, Especially from the 70s/80s. Im beginning to really enjoy pieces that are not so traditional graffiti influenced as I’m kinda bored of painting that type of shit, but I still love it when other people paint it. Some writers I’m about are mad79, Meds, TCK, Sobekcis, Aches & Evoke. Dems and Rache with the computer flow. To name a few! 

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