Avenue – I started doing skateboard graffiti sometime in ‘02 or ‘03, but started writing Avenue in early ‘07 just in time to jump on the old english LA bandwagon. I’m based in Southern California, but try to stay out of state as much as possible to keep things interesting. Over the last 15ish years my style has developed a bit beyond the regional influences. I actually credit Bombing Science with putting me onto Canadian graffiti super early which expanded my outlook obviously.

I think I’m currently a fan of more traditional styles. I do think there’s a certain look that it’s “supposed” to have that’s really captured well by east coast writers. Someone called it BBOY style once. I’ve heard it called neo-traditional. I don’t know, but it’s got that feel to it that I think is just as close to the essence as it gets – bars and bubbles and hard lines and a Bode lizard wearing a Kangol, just perfect and impossible to replicate (I’ve tried).

On the other hand and probably more relevant, I do think that my biggest influences are my friends – people I know intimately. There’s something to being able to appreciate another artist for the way their personality translates through their work and I like when I can tell that someone is having a good time. Stupid names and painting like a tweaker is funny (and, arguably, very traditional). Growing up in Southern California, graffiti wasn’t fun sometimes and I think, as I get older, I realize that spending time doing something that you don’t enjoy doesn’t make any sense – particularly a thing that’s so risky. So you’ve gotta have fun. I’ll let the kids take themselves too seriously, but me? I think, after almost 20 years, I’ve earned the right to make fun of myself and my imaginary poppin lockin hiphop “art” persona – I mean, my wife does already.

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