Yo wassup ! I write AWE\AWIE, pronounced like “ah oui” .  a.ka fourmis gonzales aka demi-lime aka el guerro marroncito aka agwii a.k.a young blood. Comin out of the sud-ouest of Montreal, I grew up looking up to and studying writers like STARE, SCAN, ZEK, AXE, MONK E, SERAK, ATWOH, MATH. The list goes on. But id like to add that in addition to these people, i am inspired by anyone with enough passion and dedication to pick up a can and get out there and push their style day after day. 

I believe painting is somewhere between a complex technical craft/discipline that should be constantly refined, and a lifestyle thing thats just about chilling having fun n getting creative with friends putting your energy out there. 

I’ve been messing around with spraycans since i was a little kid but ive been taking graffiti seriously for about 6 years now, and my passion for this artform is probably the only consistent thing in my life. 

My style is deeply rooted in traditional graffiti art. Many people know me to be a purist, always talking about the good old days that i wasnt even around for! Haha so i guess a mix between old school stylewriting meets modern graff. But I’m always ready to experiment with new things! i try not to put limits on my shit and so im always the dude ready to jump into something ive never tried before. Forever learning new things, you’re either growing or you’re dying

Style over status. 

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