Yo, I write Awful and I stem from The Creatures, Rebels Til Death and Cant Be Stopped.

I have been writing (or taking it more serious) since around ’03 so roughly 15 years. I am based out of the great state of Colorado. Some of the writers I really admire are of course the creativity of Grips and the cleanliness of Vogey as well as everyone that I’m crew with. It’s always inspiring when I see something new from everyone. Other than that, my all time favorites would have to be Kwest. Not only for his numbers and years in the game but he continues to do full pieces/burners every single time he paints. Sigh is an Allstar in my eyes and no one does it like him. Another favorite of mine is Pose that dude just murders it. As for my style, I have always wanted to do a wild style and coming up surrounded by the Creatures crew I feel it has molded my style into what it has become today.

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