I write AZEK, since 1995, I used to put an S in throw-ups at the beginning, it lasts a little after; I chose the Z in my pieces to fit better with the style I was building, It look more aggressive in my eyes. My crews are LEC and CZ from Toulouse and VMD from Paris.

I’m from Toulouse city, south west France, a nice city where we take it easy, It’s close to Spain.

It’s one of the best french scene with Paris since 90s’, Old timers did a very good job here, with style and techniques that push us up! I like to move and travel as much as possible so friendships and connections came quickly after,

My influences are from this era, buit by Truskool crew here, from the historical NewYork style followed by Paris and Amsterdam with our now reknown Toulouse graffiti touch, clean and technical. Futura and Dondi are the essence of my influences, then guys like Ces, Revok, push the level even more. Much respect. Stare, Bacon, Kwest also…

Graffiti for me is global and my style is all about that, tags, throw-ups, wild-styles… Everything is connected and have to be part of my universe, a good writer’s skills, letters first ! A good throw up or simple tag with style could have more power than a weird shit full of colors, I like to do crazy full color pieces, like many at once, can’t be bored, but style is the key !

Shout out to my crews and my overseas fam’, NYC and Montreal, Scan R.I.P.”

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