Greetings. I write Barnes and have been painting for 15 years or so. I’m originally from outside Philly, but lived in D.C., Georgia, Oregon, and then out to South Korea for ten years, where I developed significantly as a person and writer. Recently, I moved out here to NYC with my better half. Been here for a year or so. As for writers that I admire and have influenced me, that list is too long. But I’ll say that Geser and all of the 3A crew have always been on point. Been a real honor meeting and painting with some of these guys recently. I really dig Spanish writers Miedo12 and Inca (Sez). Dezio out in Shanghai is always stepping outside the box in his approach, which is cool to see. There’s a ton of talent in Malaysia right now with Asmoe, Siek and Katun in terms of style writing. And lastly, the homie Moksa has been pushing me lately to challenge my process, which has been fun. Style-wise, I’ve always gone for a sort of semi-wild and legible take on letters. Always trying to capture some of that energy and gestural line work of the sketch in the final piece. Lately, I’ve been trying to produce walls with more of a focus on the elements around the letters. Shout out to the AXion family, the No Frills graff gang, and all of The Formula crew.

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