I write Bek86 GDC from Providence RI. I started painting from about 11 years ago around 2010 but always had an eye for graffiti for as long as I could remember. 

I got into graffiti just from seeing it as a child all over the city, plus having a mom who’s also an artist, made me want to get into some kind of art & I picked graffiti which sort of took over my life since I was 13. 

A lot of my style is mainly focused on letters and letter structure without too many extensions & other things that take away from the word.

A lot of the writers I’ve looked up too were mostly east coast local Providence writers like Seaz, Sloe, Etips, Juner, Swift, Perve, Die59, Okto, Spek & my brother Lobs GDC, I know I’m missing out on a bunch. 

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