“Little Giant”

Cause I paint big shit and I’m short af

I’ve been writing since 99

Always tried to stay low key, didn’t really want to know anybody mainly cause I’m shy but also because I just wanted them to know my name. I especially didn’t want anybody to know I was a girl. I didn’t think that should matter. Just getting my name up was priority.

Repping the Southwest side of Chicago

Growing up I saw writers and krews that influenced me in many ways. Whether it was the types of spots they bombed or their styles that caught my eye ether way I would say I was definitely influenced by Chicago’s’ street bombers. But before all that, before I could go and explore the city on my own, I was influenced by my brother REST. He passed when I was only 7 but he left a notebook with his tags and that’s what sparked my love for letters. After exploring that I began to notice more of Chicagos writers and Krews some of them like KCM, BTB, TNS, ARESOL CREW, KIDS CREW, COH, RENEGADES and some writers I remember seeing UP that also influenced me were GLOE, SYRAK, JEDI, DTEK, SPIN, DEBSO, OBE and KANE.

I would describe my style as bold with a little wild style.

Now a days I paint with my home girl Phina. Together we’ve been running an all-girl paint jam called SPLASH that takes place in the summer behind the county jail in the Little Village neighborhood.

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