Biatsch One

  • Born in 1984 in Cologne, Germany
  • Writing since Year 2000
  • Writer name: Biatsch One (I often write the „French“ version BIADGE)
  • Professional Artist since 2015.
  • Part of a small artist collective called „Bezirk Zwo”
  • doing digital graff since the beginning of digital painting on iPad.
  • Influenced and connected with other (digital) Artists like Baker Oner, Sasha Sunches, Smoe Nova.. etc
  • I always try to find a new (maybe better) style than the last one. Doing Sketches on iPad and try to bring them to life on a wall.

There are no rules for me in graffiti art. I use grids, sketches, stencils, ruler, computers, color sheets, iPad, and everything else to get a nice result.

I’m not a part of a crew or anything else, so there’s just me to be happy with the results I’ve painted.

But like every artist, I’m always searching for mistakes in my work or parts which I can do better next time.

It’s like a neverending journey 🙂

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