Yo, what up y’all. It’s BigMiles coming at ya live and direct through the good people at Bombing Science page. They were kind enough to kick ya boy another feature! What you know about that?! They some solid MF’s for real. Reppin my crews UAT hoodstars, the KMFD cartel, TT. I wanna talk about TT crew just for a second. A lotta people seem to think “Tax This” is just a saying or a slogan I write after my shit. TT is a crew coming out of Surrey BC since the late ’90s. Tax This just happens to be my favorite spell out. Some alternate spell outs are: Train Thugs, The Toughest, Take That!, Too Tough, etc etc. Original members Deps, Meth, Uefo, System, Broke, Bayse, BigMiles. So now ya know. Reppin Below Poverty Level. BPLA all day. And of course SDK, Ephin Stompdown Killaz for life. That’s the boys. Proud AF of my squad, big things this year.  My latest art/business project has been doing T-shirt designs with the homies at RAFFIC. This shit’s by artists, for artists with a big cut going to charities. People over profits!  Seriously go peep that shit now. Other than that just steady smoking that kill kill. Top shelf only! Always on that gas, and Killin Mad Freights Daily. Same ol’ same really. You know how we do. Peace and respect to those out there, getting theirs. You know who you are. If you’re new to the freight game remember to respect the spot and keep it clean. Burners only! Keep that gully shit out in the streets where it belongs. Thanks for listening to me rant. Love to my wifey Niki, our kids, and all the homies. Peace, stay up. 

Instagram: BigMiles (SDK, UAT, KMFD, TT)

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