Interview with the Canadian wholecar specialist Big Miles SDK! 

Interview credit: Mikael Craks

Where are you from / what city are you holding down?

Surrey, BC
What do you write /  Is there a story behind the name?
I write Big Miles.  There is a long winded story behind it but you don’t get to hear it unless you know me in real life. 
How long have you been on this graffiti scene?
Started taking Graf serious in the late 90’s, like 97-98 painted my first pieces. Started fucking around with a pilot maybe a few years before that. Few years before that it was just spray painting Slayer and Metallica on shit lol. So yeah a while. 

What crews do you run with? 
How would you describe your style?
My style was developed to cover as much area as quick as possible. It’s a means to an end. And I have a thing for big readable shit you can spot rolling or far away. 

What are your thoughts about the current graff scene in your area code?
Scene is kinda dead when everyone who’s the most up are in their 30’s… But I can’t talk shit, I don’t get out like I used to. There’s more than a couple that’ve earned my respect. I just miss the good old days when shit was on smash constant.
As a graffiti artist what are your thoughts on street art being considered the new wave of graffiti?

Meh. Go fucking bombing. 

What is graffiti all about to you?
I could spend about 3 days answering this one but I’ll just say the funnest addiction I’ve ever had. 
Do you think graffiti has reached its limits or do you think that new styles will keep arising?
There’s always going to be someone pushing limits. I just can’t wait to see what it is. 

What are some of the writers who inspired you?
KWEST comes to mind right away. First time I saw one of his wholecars it changed my life.  SIGHT, STEALTH, VIRUS. My SDK, UAT, Iron Tyrants brother KEEP 6 has pushed me harder than anyone. Friendly competition is a good thing. 
When you go out on a mission do you like bombing alone or do u like having some partners in crime out with you?
I go by myself like 99.9% of the time. Going with homies can be fun though, just don’t do it much. I’m a hermit, never really been a part of the whole graffiti scene. 

You have any crazy stories you want to share when u were out painting?
Tons. Another one I could spend days on. I guess the last time I got pinched doing a wholecar is what I’ll go with because it’s the freshest in my brain. Late at night, I’m painting away and I hear voices maybe 8 cars down, on the other side of the line. Stop and be quiet. Lots of crackheads roll through this spot so I don’t really sweat it. They get closer and I see the flashlights. Fuck it I’m out. I don’t even try to pack the paint, just run as quietly as possible away from the line and jump this ditch, right into a field of head height prickle bushes. Look back and the fuckers have jumped the line and are shining their lights on the car I was painting and my direction; they must heard my feet on the gravel. Here they come, FUCK. I run strait into the prickles full speed and get like 40 or 50 feet before getting totally tangled. One of them yells: “come on outta there or we’ll send in the dog”. Now, I’ve been chewed up by cop dogs before, shits no picnic. I think about my options, nowhere to run anyway, fuck it come out. Cocksuckers didn’t even have a dog. FUCK. I’m cut up to rat shit, my shirt is shredded off my body completely. My pants are shredded. I look like a fatter pink Incredible Hulk. They take me to booking and I say to the little pigette that’s signing me in” too bad it’s only fat hairy guys that come in half naked eh?” Got a laugh outta her. If you’ve ever been to Surrey pretrial it’s a cold, heartless bitch at the sign in. Deals with a lotta scum all day. To make her smile is like 1000 G points. And I got a laugh. 
Have you ever been caught?


Ever been to jail due to this?

What do you prefer to paint on? Walls, trains, permission walls.. etc 
Trains. For sure trains. I’m a freight guy. But you should do everything if you’re a real writer. There’s something special about a chrome with a fatcap on bricks. 
What are some of your favorite brand cans, markers, mops, ink, and caps you get down with?
Some high end, European made for graffiti shit I can’t afford probably. I come up on most of my supplies. I’ll use whatever I can get my hands on. NY fats over everything. And a good dollar store chisel tip. I’ll plug Daycolors, I’ve been using that a lot lately, the good people at Daycolors Canada hooked me up proper. That shits the bomb, go try it. 
How did you develop such a flawless skill with cans… And what can we do to sharpen our skills?
Practice, practice, practice. Paint every day, draw even more. 

What are your feelings about more experienced writers calling all the new kids on the block TOYS?
Everyone starts somewhere. To me a toy is more about mindset than art skill. Find someone that knows the rules and learn ‘em. If you’re not a natural artist, proficiency comes through repetition. That’s how it worked for me anyway. 
If you could teach or tell the new generation of writers one thing what would it be?
Yeah. Don’t do what I did/ am doing. Selling sticker packs and canvas and having an Instagram or YouTube or whatever and just being a sell out in general is wack. Fuck Efame. I only did this shit after getting arrested a bunch of times in a row and having to take a break anyway. Then I got addicted to the $, not that I get much but I’m kind of stuck doing it now. But I’m an old ass man that’s been partially retired from real graffiti for years now. That being said, I still paint more than most of the new generation. But these kids wanna come right out the gate and sell shit online and have YouTube accounts. Like if you’re actively bombing hard that shit will get you arrested quick… and I feel like a sucka for doing it after paying dues for almost 20 years. I mean no disrespect to anyone else that’s doing this, especially my fellow crew members, but I just think graffiti should be kept pure, that’s when it’s the most fun…go fucking smash something.

Anything else u would like to add? This part is kinda on u homie. Maybe have a lil closing statement?  Shout outs? Maybe some # where people can see your work?
Well after that go peep my IG @bigmiles420, buy some canvas or stickers lol. Naw big up anyone out there doing this shit for real, illegally, risking their fucking ass. Big up the whole Ephin Stompdown Fam.Props to cap Q, dude puts in more work than anyone I know.  Peace to all my crews UAT, KMFD, TAXTHIS, SDK. Love to my Wifey Niki and our 3 little monsters.