I write Beyork, Bjae for short. I have been writing for the better half of 20 years, doing pieces for about 10-15 of those. I always told myself I would never do pieces but that eventually changes when you decide you want to get good at graffiti (lol).
Born in Los Angeles, raised in Sacramento, I have traveled all over the country painting. Before the internet, you actually had to travel and get up in cities, and the only way to see someone up is to go to the city and see it in person. I started doing graffiti because my older brother used to draw, and I used to sit and watch him draw at the kitchen table, and always thought, “I could do that”. So I did.
Favorite writer in the whole world, Nekst of course. After that would be Nace. Unfortunately, we aren’t blessed with their presence anymore,
but hands down since day 1. Living favorite would have to be my boy
Zoueh. Always been a fan of his work since I started.
My style is usually just kind of wild, I like to do weird colors and try to do different things as best I can. I am not the best at fill-ins (haha) but I try. I love to try different styles and different types of letters. Some wild, some straight. The beauty of graffiti is its endless, you never run out of ideas!

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