Yo what’s up this is Blaze from Montreal Canada, I rep my crew HBM. I grew up in ndg and it used to be covered with graffiti. People like Castro, Jazz and Dare were my biggest influence at the time. The way they crushed the hood with huge burners inspired me to get into graffiti. I remember being 15 and sneaking out through my window at night to bomb, feeling like a ninja. Unfortunately I ended up doing time in juvenile prison. Even though I took a 7 year break, I came back hard when it was least expected. I consider myself a street bomber at heart, I love catching tags and doing throwies but after going to Europe and seeing how these guys do full street-side pieces it prompted me to step my game up. When I got back to Montreal I focused on developing my style and really started putting in work. Rooftops are dope because you’re not only showing off your style but you’re also showing off your physical ability to climb. Mostly it shows how determined you are, that you’re willing to risk falling and injuring yourself to get your name up. 

I’m focused on doing panels as well and I have a few other things up my sleeve. Stay tuned!

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