Brought to you by three of Montréal's most infamous writers, Boro Clothing just hit our shelves, and is now available online HERE and at Sub-V. These guys have been perfecting styles for years now, and this brand is the professional result of some heavy bombing, drinking, chilling action on our hometown's pavement. HOW ARE YOU?!

Mersh is one of Montreal's pionner when it comes to graffiti. Here's what he has to say about Boro:

''Conceptualized by three friends that met in the early years of Montreal's graffiti scene, Boro saps the streets for inspiration. The line garners its name from the boroughs that make New York into a mosaic of style and culture that changes continually. The co-founders' repeated trips to New York in the early years of its hip hop movement continue to impact them and their aesthetic.
From the crimes of style that brought the collaborators together, to their shared vision of street wear as an expression of style rather than conformity, Boro's vision is square on a horizon that merges the novelty of the present with the authenticity of the past.''

Oh yeah, these guys been bombing too!

Boro affiliated usual suspects Nixon, Kasp, Scan and Fomer joining Ether on this stained glass job.

Support our local talents by grabbing some Boro Cothing online HERE and at Sub-V.