I Write BRAKES, and I’m Into TV Novellas And Long Walks On The Beach, Haha Jk. I Have Been Writing Graffiti For 11 Years. I Am an International Style Writer But I Am Proudly From Buffalo, New York! Where It’s Freezing Fucking Cold And We Get 7 Ft Of Snow ! Go Bills ! (Free OJ !)

I Move Just About Every Year Because I Get Bored Easily. But I Currently Suffocate Myself With Rent Payments (I Mean Live In ) In Chicago, IL.   

I like To Be Well Rounded When It Comes To Writing. I Think It’s Important Because So Many Writers Are Labeled By What They Do! Freight Train Writers , Bombers, Street Writers , Etc. I Try To Succeed In All Areas. The Only Thing I Never Really Got Into Is Freights. I Got Blasted With Rock Salt Out Of A Angry Farmer’s Shot Gun For Trespassing My First Time Rocking A Freight And After That I Wasn’t Feeling Freights Anymore. Fuck That Guy! 

It’s Hard To Explain My Style. I Am Heavily Influenced By Old- School Panel Style Pieces, And European Styles. I Have A Futuristic But Vintage Mechanic Vibe To It! (If That Makes Any Damn Sense) .I Try To Focus More On Piecing These Days Since The Game Is Constantly Evolving And Is Becoming More And More Integrated With Art. It’s Hard To Stay Relevant In A World Where Things Change So Much Day To Day.

I’m Not Really Into Shouting Out Other Writers . I Always Regret It Later! There Are So Many Writers I Look Up To And Respect It Wouldn’t Be Fair Or Cool To List Them Because I Would Forget To Mention Somebody And I Don’t Want The Drama lol! So Shoutout To My Beautiful Wife Who Has Went Above And Beyond Supporting My Graff Career (And Putting Up With My Nonsense!) Everytime I Have Wanted To Walk Away You Have Encouraged Me To Stick With It And I Am Thankful To You For That! I Love You!  Also, Shoutout To Bombing Science For Always Showing Me Respect And love Throughout The Years! You Guys Are Awesome! Hands Down The Best Website In The Game In My Opinion!

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