Brisk One – I’m from San Diego and I started writing in the late 80’s.
My lineage follows under Zeno [APS/SBA] who studied under Quasar. Both Style Masters. I was shown to appreciate all the disciplines from a good handstyle to complex letterforms.
I’m constantly experimenting with the way letters are structured and how they flow. Win or lose. I try my best to give back to the game by trying different styles/techniques and not playing it safe.
Sometimes it doesn’t always turn into masterpieces, but I gotta push my personal evolution.
Shouts out to Zeno, Quasar, Zodak, TCR Crew, Ronie TVC, Persue, Bates, Zear, OG Slick, OG Abel, Huit, The Curb Crushers Grand Order and all the other OG’s that have been checkin in on your boy. Rest In Peace Disko Rick aka Peng One, Drugs and Shae. And a special shout out to True222 aka True Mathematics aka Phase2 who’s perspective and opinion will be deeply missed…


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