Born in San Francisco in 1987 1st generation Half French half German . Grew up in the mission district and glen park area but I’ve lived in almost every neighborhood in San Francisco over the years. I got my first skateboard at 8 or 9 years old from my cousin and would be out skating the streets on my own a couple years later. I met “Open” CF who was a good friend of my best friends at the time an insanely good skater with an eye for spots no one had. He would have whiteout tags in the smallest spots all around the city especially on round things. They gave me a whiteout pen one day and were like “yo hit up CF”. “We’ll see it up when you’re not around and think of you” I was like “is that why people do graffiti? Huh cool!” Later I got to meet my two best friends “Pier39” and “Erkl” the creators of BKF. They put me down in BKF at it’s early stage and I soon met everyone in ETB and US crew which were the sister crews. everyone was in each crew pretty much. KERBS from FN gave me my word BRITE after he was done with it as his “under” and put me down in FN. US being a very old San Francisco crew that was very active in the 90s had and older generation that somewhat stopped writing it except for ORFN. He met everyone in ETB and put them in to make the generation above me: SPESH, SAPIEN, CAKE87, STAKE, S8N, SUSHI, ETHER, CHUE. ORFN put me down in US on my 18th birthday. The older gen :JADE, VIC20, STAK etc called us “NEW”S just to clown a little bit. Later I would met JENKS and became ESL, TWIST and QUES put me in THR. I lived in Portland a long time and got down with MLS. The rest is history. Almost half of my friends and crew have been lost to drugs, guns and suicide. It feels sometimes like there’s a pandemic in the graffiti community even though it saved our lives. We as graff writers should use our sauce for the uplifting of each other. remember that the higher plan is to have us fighting with each other so the MAN doesn’t have to. Graffiti is a place where no one can tell you what or how to be and that’s why we all came here. Don’t EVER let anyone tell you how to rock. Sincerely BRITE BKF

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