Brus is an italian writer who has been in the game for over 10 years. A few years before, you might have seen his work on the Rome subways, carrying some of that NYC vibe from back in the days. From walls to trains, he has done it all, with a glimpse of perfection I might add. In this interview he shares some of his stories and toughts on writing.

Bombing Science: First off, who is Brus, and where is he from?

Brus: Who’s Brus is hard to say, we all have different personalities parallel. For this interview he is a writer from Rome.

Bombing Science: Why the name Brus?

Brus: Unfortunately I chose this name in memory of a departed friend and I think I will take it with pleasure for the rest of my days.

Bombing Science: In a country with such a developed graffiti scene, how was it growing up as a writer?

Brus: We start from the fact that my country is not very good for the graff scene, but it’s improving. In Rome, my neighborhood was one of the first to have graffiti and it is thanks to that I have started this journey.

Bombing Science: What influenced your style of letters?

Brus: I think everyone is inspired by someone in graffiti but also by life in general. I was very influenced by Napal one of the first writer in Rome and now we are in crew together. Bates, Nasty and other names, I have always admired the way they draw.

Bombing Science: Your known both for your work on walls AND trains. Do you equally focus your energy on both surfaces?

Brus: I focus on it all. Either it’s a train, a wall, I always try to give the best because I love what I do.

Bombing Science: So, today, if you have the choice between a nice wall or a stressful train mission, which one will it be?

Brus: Haha good question. I think the day I go to a wall and at night I go do a train, no stress. I could not do without both.

Bombing Science: Italy has it all: nice trains, nice cities, amazing food and super hot women. Do you travel a lot, considering you have everything right at home?

Brus: It is true, in Italy there is all this and much more, but every city has its own character and I love to discover it. I like hearing about people with different languages. As for graffiti, I like to see a mentality different from the one in my country.

Bombing Science: Is there any place in particular that you have never been and would like to visit someday?

Brus: Unfortunately there is more than one. I would go to Los Angeles, in Japan, in Australia, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Luckily I have France next to me. I love that country.

Bombing Science: Share a really bad wall story.

Brus:   I have no bad stories to tell about walls, here the police are not hard against the writers, but I have passed whole nights under the trains.  Those were pretty bad stories but good to remember.  

Bombing Science: Share a really good train story.

Brus: As I said before, the nights spent under the trains are the most beautiful memories I have. One night out painting in a metro yard, we spotted the security and ran away to the station. We had to hide in a manhole, the ones you see on the road below. The security passed over our sewer saying “where the hell are they”. 10 cm above our heads. In the end we managed to get out of a secondary exit and everything was fine. I have a hundreds stories like this.

Bombing Science: Were you ever in trouble over graffiti?

 Brus: I was in trouble but not too much. I’m not afraid to run away and I’m not afraid to face a bad situation. Danger is always around the corner, but to us danger is fun!!

Bombing Science: Do you think you will ever consider stopping?

Brus: I repeat, in Italy the law is not tough on us. Still I’m always very careful and always try to make the right choices.

Bombing Science: What does Brus has for us in the future?

Brus: I think that my future is always in writing and I will write graffiti or another, but always. I cannot imagine a future without my hobbies.

Bombing Science: Shouts?

Brus:   Thank you for this interview. I wanna thank my friends who always supported me, a few, but good. I would say that the kings do not exist, everyday there’s a new king on the scene, it’s a spinning wheel, tomorrow it could happen to you. Peace !!!