I was brought up in Virginia and am currently based out of New York. Growing up, I would visit family in NY every year and picked up on alot of the classic 90s styles seeing the bombed highways and streets.

A few writers who inspired me early on were Pona, Sane, Bogi, 2Hips, MQ, Claw, Ris crew, FC crew, anything from Subway Art. Also 90s DC had a great scene with guys like Cycle, Smk, Evade, Cool Disco Dan, Cast, and also the AUP tunnels.
Dicko, Skye, and Hero from VA Beach were also early inspirations and mentors to me.

A few writers I admire today are Oface and the GTU crew, Hekso, Aroe77, Samva, MC, 40K, and Nsf crews. Vietnam, Chuck, Japs, and Ounce have been pulling off some cool pieces lately. There’s alot of good writers I discover everyday now to be honest, there’s too many to mention.

As far as my own style I just try to keep it fresh and classic like a Bahn Mi sandwich.
There’s always room for improvement and it’s always good to experiment, which to me is what being a writer is about.

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