Hi there! My name is Ana, aka Carol. I started painting in 2012, but graffiti has always been present in my life since I was young. Because of this I instinctively started to write my name. I’ve always been very honest with my parents about it and I was told that if I was going to leave at dawn to do pixação (Brazillian slang for Graffiti) and if anything was to happen I would be able to call them. I was born and raised in the east of São Paulo-SP.  Where the movement of pixação was very strong in the 90/00. I became interested in other ways of writing my name and tried to do it with “chubby” letters. The desire to use colors and get out of the conventional matte black of the pixos (which will always be in my heart with love) made me observe the richness of details and shadows and outlines and everything that covers the world. Walking the streets of São Paulo and seeing big names in graffiti-like the throws ups of Os Gemini, Ise, Finok is where many of my references and inspirations came from!  And speaking of inspiration, today I can say that my inspirations are my friends, Drop bro, Boredom bro, Grove bro, and my life partner Teor!  I don’t know if I can define my style, I’ve already combinded pixo references with old school tattoo references, sometimes a character, but the base is always throw ups … I take graffiti as something intrinsic, ineffable, changeable  It will always depend on how I feel about painting.  It depends on the time, the color and the smell.  Each color has its smell … I would like to thank Bombing Science for Support!

INSTAGRAM: @caroldragonfly

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