18 years doing graffiti in the Midwest, USA.

I’ve taken the majority of influence from folks who I’m now honored to call crew mates and friends.  Specifically, much respect to Frost LD, Much HM, Rumy, Trem, River, Stalk, and Maple all crewmates of mine in TCI.  For my current wish to go in the direction of futuristic post-graff with classic letter structures I’m influenced by Shock TCI, Aqua, Gtar MFK, and various European folks like Nomad and Depot82.

Graffiti is special.  Its forefathers are still alive and the movement has been short and sweet relatively.  Folks are pushing to move it forward on several fronts, some make sense to me and some don’t, but I’m thankful for the outliers and innovators in all directions.  Without them, our median viewpoint stands still. 

I want to continue seeing graffiti and writers from other perspectives, learn to respect what I don’t necessarily understand, and consider myself lucky to have found this gem we call graffiti. 

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