Cease One
I have been writing since the age of 14. I am born and raised in Houston Texas. I think it was
the summer of 93 when I started. I was initially inspired by gang graffiti, the old English style
lettering ect. Eventually, I starting noticing local artists such as Skeez 181 Gonzo an Color.
Color being the biggest inspiration. Once I got ahold of some 12oz Prophet magazines, I was
exposed to writers across the country. It was artists like Wizard, Hex One, Ernie, Zodak and
Mear became my biggest influences. Today I’d have to go with Smug, Mr Cartoon, McClaim
crew and Odieth to name a few. Started out doing lettering but realized I could do so much more
with the can. I’ll never forget the moment I asked Skeez ” how do you know when your a good
graffiti artist?” He responded ” when you can paint anything you see with an aerosol can you’re
a bad motherfucker.” It was was that comment and my father telling me I could never make it as
an artist that pushed me to raise the bar for myself. My first portrait was of Jay Z. I quickly
realized I had a gift for realism and started doing more portraits. I’m completely self-taught, no
art school. To this day I’ve made a living doing what I love. I’ve worked along side of some
great artists and done some big projects like the Astroworld containers for Travis Scott but I’m
always looking to better my craft and connect with other writers and artists. Thank you for the
opportunity to be featured on Bombing Science. It truly means the world to me

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